The Urge

Do you often feel the urge to urinate while you're on the road?

The Discomfort

Do you often feel uncomfortable when traveling long distances?

The Solution

Do you sometimes wish you had a portable toilet when there is no bathroom in sight to relieve yourself?

Disposable Urinal Bags

Glenway Products brings you disposable urinal bags that are exclusively designed to provide you a Clean and Efficient Solution for taking care of business® while you are on the go. Spare yourself the trouble of getting out the car and finding a washroom or cleaning up your clothes when you reach home in case of spillage. This portable toilet is a heavy duty leak-proof plastic bag with a funnel design that helps prevent splash back. It also has finger holes to give you better control. That's not all, this disposable urinal bag is equipped with a quick-dissolve packet that contains Smelleze - granules that instantly react with liquids to deodorize and turn them into a biodegradable gel.

This portable toilet is designed for both children and adults and serves as the ideal solution for truck drivers, taxi drivers, bedridden individuals, people with bladder control issues and people who are subject to stress incontinence when a toilet is not available.


One For The Road ® - Disposable Urinal Bag

A Clean and Efficient Solution for taking care of business®