Our Story

G.P.K. Associates Inc. was founded out of a personal necessity to have a convenient and hygienic urinating experience. The firm is the distributor of ONE FOR THE ROAD ®, which are Disposable Urinal Bags. The firm has an interesting beginning and after all, it is not often that someone comes up with a weird and unique idea like a disposable urinal bag!

The President and CEO of G.P.K. associates Lawrence Glenn is just an ordinary and hardworking American, who for 20 years worked as a door man in downtown Chicago.  For 10 years, he worked two fulltime jobs and chalked up 16 hours daily.  But this grind was not a major source of concern to him. He was more worried about getting home to his wife dry, fresh and safe. And the call of nature always seemed to spoil his long awaited homecoming.

Driving at night has its own unique hazards, and sleeping behind the wheel is one of the major causes of accidents. To avoid sleeping behind the wheel, you can apply several tricks, and drinking lots of coffee is one of them. But as Lawrence found out, drinking lots of coffee quickly fills up the bladder. Before making it home, he always found himself needing to make a pit stop for relief. And unfortunately at times the gas station’s restroom was out of order, occupied and at times, believe it or not, too filthy to use. He grew tired of countless days of embarrassment and complaining to his wife, not to mention the dry cleaning expenses.

It is from this experience that Lawrence invented and patented “One For The Road ®”, a disposable urinal bag for use during traveling. The bag fits discretely in any glove compartment and it is environmentally friendly. It has non toxic chemical agent that turns the urine to gel and deodorizes all within one minute of contact. The invention of “One For The Road ®” culminated to the formation of G.P.K. Associates Inc. in April 2016.

The members of staff at of G.P.K. Associates Inc are:

Lawrence Glenn, CEO and President

Shanderlin Glenn, Vice President

Hilmar Paul, Senior Partner

“Special thanks to mentors Mr. Calvin Flowers and Mr. Dennis Daniels of the Chicago Inventors Organization (CIO) for paving the way so that G.P.K. Associates Inc. can give the public a A Clean and Efficient Solution for taking care of business®.” – Lawrence Glenn

One For The Road ® - Disposable Urinal Bag

A Clean and Efficient Solution for taking care of business ®