The New Portable Toilets on the Block, Disposable Urinal Bags

These days disposable urinal bags are emerging to be one of the must have sanitary necessities. According to World Health Organization (WHO) improper disposal of human waste and lack of hygiene in public places such as restrooms are some of the leading causes of communicable diseases in the world today. These challenges in public sanitation have become more prominent because of increasing population and the growing water scarcity. For these reasons, there is a growing need to use waste disposal innovations such as urinal bags that promote environmental sustainability.

Disposable urinal bags are hygienic, portable and environmentally friendly devices that people use and can dispose of conveniently. One For The Road ® offers urinal bags that are made of light, compact and leak proof plastic material. Their product is designed in a manner that is easy to handle and that prevent splash back during use. In addition, they contain Smellze, granules, which quickly convert urine into odorless biodegradable material.


Due to their ease of use and convenience, disposable urinal bags are ideal for truck drivers, taxi drivers, or anybody driving for long distances, especially at night. To these users, the devices provide them with a convenient and safe way of disposing their waste. In addition, these “portable toilets” are appropriate for people with urinary incontinence and other conditions that affect bladder control. They can also be used by children, bedridden persons and individuals with limited mobility.

There are marked differences between traditional portable toilets and disposable urinal bags. Disposable urinal bags are strictly for personal use only, while portable toilets can be used by several people especially in the outdoors. In addition, portable toilets are bulky but urinal bags are light and can be carried discreetly in a small package.  However, one can argue that disposable urinal bags are a type of portable toilet; it provides a similar solution with more convenience.


3 thoughts on “The New Portable Toilets on the Block, Disposable Urinal Bags”

  1. The new portable toilets? At first I thought this meant port-a-potty but now I see it’s about the small toilet we took camping. I can see this product being less bulky and easier to trash.

    1. Exactly. Feel free to try out our “portable toilets”, visit our shop page and purchase some disposable urinal bags, they come three to a pack.

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